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Management System

Management System

A Management System which was designed for educational institutions.

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About CoreDeft

Management System

About CoreDeft Management System

CoreDeft Management System offers a user-friendly interface tailored for educational institutions. Students benefit from seamless access to their academic grades, financial status, and activity updates. The platform allows personalization with student photos and facilitates easy feedback submission. Administrators wield comprehensive control, effortlessly managing all system aspects. Streamline your educational operations with CoreDeft's intuitive features

Meet The Owner & Developer


Afifur Rahman Arnob

Owner & CEO
Phone: 01750045130

About Afifur Rahman: Innovative Owner & CEO at CoreDeft, leading with vision to revolutionize educational technology.


Asibur Rahman Aravi

Student & Developer
Phone: 01927573409

About Asibur Rahman Aravi: Passionate Full-stack Developer & student striving for excellence in coding and learning.

Features of CoreDeft

Management System

Features of CoreDeft Management System

Discover the power of CoreDeft Management Systems—your all-in-one solution for seamless operations. With a suite of features tailored to your needs, including grading, financial management, and security, CoreDeft simplifies every aspect of administration. Adding new features based on your requirements

Feature 1

Student Enrollment Management.

Feature 2

Grading & Progress Tracking.

Feature 3

Result Management.

Feature 4

Enhanced Security Measures.

Feature 5

Profile Management.

Feature 6

OTP Verification.

Feature 7

SMS & Email Notifications.

Feature 8

Notice Alerts.

Feature 9

Registration Confirmation Alerts.

Feature 10

Financial Management & Payment Tracking.

Feature 11

Payment Receipt Generation.

Feature 12

Feedback Management.

Feature 13

Real-time Batch Chat.

Feature 14

Google Indexing for Student Profiles.

Feature 15

Attendance Tracking.

Feature 16

Two-Factor Authentication.

Feature 17

Password Recovery.

Feature 18

Google Login Integration.

Feature 19

Online MCQ Testing.

Feature 20

Printable Data & Reports.

Feature 21

Student Progress Reports.

Feature 22

Automated Reminders and Alerts.

Feature 23

Analytics and Insights Dashboard.

Feature 24

More Additional Features.

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